Weedproof Mat

It is a company that rewards customers' trust with
excellent quality through continuous research.

It is a company that rewards
customers' trust with
excellent quality through
continuous research.


Weedproof Mat

IAN Weedproof Mat

It is a polymer sheet with the same water permeability as the sand that does not require special management due to its excellent durability in any place, such as road (shoulder), pavement block, street tree protection plate, park green area, etc. Also, it is an eco-friendly new material product for preventing soil acidification, collapse, and safety as well as preventing weeds from growing by applying it on the soil.

Products of IAN Weedproof mat
R2 Weedproof Mat
R5 Weedproof Mat
R10 Weedproof Mat
Main Features of IAN Weedproof Mat

· Structure

Maintains high strength with its woven multilayered structure, which was uniformly distributed in continuous phases and thermally fused.

· Permeability

Air, moisture, and fertilizer can be transferred to plant roots

· Flatness

Maintains flatness in case of heavy rain by minimizing the possibility of soil leakage under pavement blocks

· Breathability

Acidization (desertification) of the lower soil and prevention of collapse by securing ventilation, pitchers, etc.

· Stability

Best material that is stable in a natural environment where ultraviolet, water, heat, etc.

· Durability

Minimize changes in basic properties over 10 years of long-term use

· Light resistance

Minimize changes in physical properties due to continuous exposure to sunlight

· Chemical resistance

Chemical sanction resistance (in snow removal)

· Echo-friendly feature

100% recyclable, harmless to the human body and environment

· Flameproof

Prevention of fire and fire through flame retardation

Effectiveness of IAN Weedproof mat
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100% Weed Prevention
  • Unlike other Weedproof mats, IAN Weedproof Mat can withstand a weight of more than 30 Ton and is sun-resistant and durable
  • It absorbs 100% of moisture and presses the ground over time to prevent weeds from growing
Securing adhesion to the fill surface
  • Ensure tightness to the soil surface and block damage caused by typhoons and winds
Nature-friendly beauty
  • Green landscapes can be created according to the surrounding environment and colors can be changed according to the requirements of the ordering company
Fire Prevention
  • Resistant to fire and fire due to flame retardation
The necessity of
IAN Weedproof Mat

The necessity of IAN Weedproof Mat

  • There is a risk of driving at night and the driver’s safety is not secured as the vegetation on the shoulder of the road causes the guardrail reflective area to be obscured.
  • Since the only solution is to use herbicide-free mowing, it arises various complaints and problems including economic problems (3-4 years), inefficiency due to weed growth, damage to crops around the road, injury to workers, and damage to road vehicles.

Increasing need to introduce new weed-proof technologies that are eco-friendly, safe, inexpensive, efficient, and beautiful.

The necessity of
Appropriate measures and
countermeasures by urban
and road management

Emerged need
for a weeding system

Need of long-term weed
removal management

Solution of IAN Weedproof Mat
Excellent weed growth inhibition characteristics
Moisture and air permeability
100% recycling and harmless to human nature
Semi-permanent durability after the construction
Simple construction and post management
Construction Effect of IAM Weedproof Mat
Group 813

Accident/complaint resolution

(ensuring driver safety and prevention of disasters during weeding operations)
100% weed-proof effect on the guardrail and post-reflective paper hiding due to weeds to maximize safety
Group 815

Nature-friendly method

Helps promote shrub growth around guardrails (IAN Weedproof Mats have sandy permeability and are optimized for each construction site)
Group 814

Economic efficiency

Semi-permanent products that prevent economic losses caused by weed removal and withstand ultraviolet rays for more than 10 years
Group 819

Light construction

Construction can be done around the current guardrail by expanding and fixing the sheet
Group 818

Beautiful landscape

Eliminate psychological discomfort caused by weeds (aesthetic effect such as recording)
Group 816

In agricultural surrounding

Prevent weeds from flying away and damaging crops.
Group 817

Easy maintenance

Advantages of simple repair work in case of damage (except artificial damages)
Pavement Construction of IAN Weedproof Mat
Soil paving
Silicone caulking between the pavement and boundary stone to maximize the weeding effec
Construction Process of IAN Weedproof Mat (Road Shoulder)
Road shoulder preparation
Shoulder cleaning
Mat paving
Mat surface securing
Fixing Boundary Stones
Boundary stone securing
Silicone work
Floor surface securing
Complete constructions
Construction Process of IAN Weedproof Mat (A sidewalk)
Cleaning of a sidewalk
Installation of Weedproof Mat
Installation of a sidewalk blocks
IAN Weedproof Mat Property Chart