The Construction Method

construction method of vegetated Geo bag blocks

The promising eco-friendly construction method for ecological restoration

IAN’s construction method of vegetated Geo bag blocks

IAN vegetated Geo bag block is an eco-friendly product that increases durability and revegetation ratio by providing reinforcement bands used for building retaining walls such as roads, railways, forests, housing sites, etc., slope protection/reinforcement, revegetation restoration, landslides, flood recovery works, military facilities, water defense, etc. …

Introduction of IAN’s construction method of vegetated Geo bag blocks

IAN’s vegetated Geo bag blocks are safe, eco-friendly, future-oriented products. For the perfect construction quality, we obtained the earthworks license, not to mention our profound work experience and excellent technology. From the design to structural review (MSEW, Soilwork) to production, our professional construction personnel is in charge of a broad spectrum of tasks by using patent construction methods.

Comparison chart of the ordinary construction method and patent method

Advantage of patent construction method

  • Structural construction method that secures safety such as low-floor activities, support, conduction, deposition, and drawing destruction by binding the front with the eco-friendly vegetated Geo bag block and integrating with the soil.
  • Construction method that secures strong safety such as preventing frost damage, preventing subsidence, preventing crack, sliding, pressing loading, and preventing over-swelling

Strength of IAN’s construction method of vegetated Geo bag blocks

We can solve the problems of reinforced concrete retaining wall structure, reinforced earth retaining wall, stone shaft, etc.

  • Damage to nature and destruction of natural ecosystems

  • Poor aesthetic

  • Construction waste generated upon destruction
  • Suppression of green space

Improvements by IAN GEOTEC's Vegetated Geo bag blocks Method

  • Eco-friendly ecological restoration
  • Satisfy earthquake-resistant structural stability
  • Full restoration of natural green space
  • Economic effect, the fine dust reduction effect
  • Assimilation with the surroundings
  • No construction waste generated during demolition

Diverse application of IAN vegetated Geo bag blocks

Rectangle 520


· Retaining wall
· Highway side
· Retaining walls around national roads
· Alternating axial walls
· Soundproof walls
· Slope stability
· Slope loss repair
· Prevention of erosion by the sea
· Construction around solar power plants

Rectangle 521

Emergency Materials

· Military facilities
· Flood protection
· Flood restoration
· Flood preparedness
· Bunker/protection facility
· Major military installations
· Reinforced slope

Rectangle 522

Ecological restoration

· Erosion prevention facilities
· River maintenance
· Small river maintenance
· Irrigation repair
· Maintenance of resin/agricultural water
· Mountains/mooring conservation
· promenade/hiking trail
· Forest restoration
· Coastline restoration

Rectangle 523


· Residential facilities
· Landscaping
· Development of rural housing complexes
· Retaining wall of park cemetery
· Golf course (ponds, tea boxes)
· Soundproof walls around railways
· Reinforcement of village roads
· Housing site development and industrial complexation
· Dam construction

River maintenance with construction method of IAN vegetated Geo bag blocks
Before installing vegetated blocks
Clean Up Foundation floor
After clearing the foundation, place the connecting plates.
After installing vegetated Geo bags, level the layer at every 20 cm.
Install Geogrid
Arrangement of porous connections after geogrid installation
Repeat the above installation process.
Slope reinforcement with construction method of IAN vegetated Geo bag blocks
Clean Up Foundation flor
Clean Up Foundation flor
Secure the geogrid with fixed rebar.
paving to backfill earth and sand
Installation of multiple pipes and geogrid for drainage
Repeat the above installation process.