Vegetated geo bag blocks

Vegetated Geo bag block

The promising eco-friendly construction method for ecological restoration

The vegetated Geo bag block

Safe, eco-friendly, future-oriented vegetated Geo bag blocks

For the perfect construction quality, we obtained the earthworks license, not to mention our profound work experience and excellent technology.

From the design to structural review (MSEW, Soilwork) to production, our professional construction personnel is in charge of a broad spectrum of tasks by using patent construction methods.

The eco-friendly ecological restoration project

IAN GEOTEC will make every effort to become a trusted environment-oriented company that opens up the future in the civil, architecture, and landscaping industries by highlighting our brand image of eco-friendly ecological restoration projects.

Ultra-precision ultrasonic fusion

IAN GEOTEC's unique ultrasonic fusion technology improves the quality of vegetated Geo bag blocks.

With the application of ultrasonic double fusion, any rupturing or over-swelling issue of the soil bags can effectively be prevented.

Moreover, our ultrasonic fusion technology minimizes the subsidence after construction is completed by contributing to maintaining certain size standards and improving quality.

We also use a special water-permeable, ultraviolet, and heat-tolerant fabric.

Composition materials of vegetated geo bag blocks

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Vegetated Geo bag blocks

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Construction is conducted directly with the best products and patent techniques.